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Significant cost-savings (total savings - on an average 74 cents per check !)
Save on postage, 49
Save on handling costs, 10
Save on envelopes, 5
Save on costs of pre-printed checks, 10
  Still a check
  Unlike other electronic transactions eMailACheck does not give any critical information to a recipient. Compared to payments via debit card / credit card / wire transfer or online bill pay, sender does not provide any secure information (like credit card numbers) that can enable a recipient to potentially do unauthorized transactions in the future.  
  More Secure
  eMailACheck has inbuilt fraud-protection and is more secure than traditional checks. Traditional mechanisms rely on specially printed paper and magnetic ink which is not 100% secure.  
  No more lost checks!
  eMailACheck checks are delivered almost instantly over the Internet. Sender does not need to worry about re-issuing lost checks or making stop payments. Additionally, sender receives a confirmation email as soon as the receiver gets the check. With traditional checks the payor is not notified.when the check is received.  
  Save late charges and penalties
  With eMailACheck the chances of late charges and penalties are completely eliminated as checks arrive on the date designated by the payor .  
  Save bank fees by timing payments and reconciling account balances
  With eMailACheck you can eliminate bank fees by timing payments and reconciling account balances.  
  Save time
  eMailACheck's FREE software allows you to cut hundreds of checks in a matter of few minutes. Businesses reduce costs and save valuable time.  
  Integrates with Accounting Software
  Business can now directly create checks using their In-house and third party accounting software. EmailaCheck interface with most accounting systems.  
Receive payments anytime / anywhere
Recipent does not need to wait on physical mail to arrive.eMailACheck is delivered online.
Save handling costs Unlike many online payments systems.
eMailACheck does not charge any fee to recipients.
Save time
Payee does not need to opem mail and handle check and deposit
  Easy Access.
  eMailaChecks web based system allows users to view checks and receipts history from any where/anytime.
  View your checks and receipt history from anywhere.
  Save the payments you received into accounting software without any need for data entry.
Eliminate data entry and processing costs with clearing checks - (See how)
Banks can now scan the barcode which has the complete check information along with payor's authentic .
Reduce losses with unauthorized checks being written and cleared
inside barcode eliminates tampering and makes the check 100% fraud-proof
  Low cost of ownership
  As part of compliance to the Check 21 law, banks are already creating digital images of checks. The eMailACheck fits right in. The barcode can be read off the image directly using software or hardware.  
  Reduction of handling and data entry costs
  Paying banks have a lower risk in debiting a payers account
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