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A user downloads our software and purchases an eMailACheck license to write checks. eMailACheck sets up the user's account (Account Name, Number and Bank information) and the user is ready to start creating checks. The user then sets up their personal security pass code and signatures on their own computer. The pass codes allow the user to write, approve, sign and issue checks. Once this information is input, only the authorized user can operate the system.
eMailACheck has numerous levels of security that require one or several people to write and approve a check as well as require one or more signatures on a check before it can be issued. The user logs onto the system (User information and pass code required) and goes into a check-writing screen.
Only approved users can download the software. The check writer enters the payee information, amount of check, an email address, and if authorized, it attaches the check signature, approves, and processes the check. If necessary, the system provides for additional approval levels before sending a check. Any information that is entered is stored in the system and readily available for repeat checks, auditing and reports.
All transactions may be exported to most third party accounting software systems. The check contains a digitalized barcode and its background shadows the name of payor, payee, account number and amount repeatedly. (See check image) which makes fraud very difficult.
The system allows authorized users to use the system via a single computer, network or the Internet. Once the check is sent, the payee receives an email. Once opened, the e-mail will notify the recipient that they have received a payment and how to retrieve it.
To retrieve a payment, recipient logs onto www.emailacheck.com and creates a user name and password. Once logged in, the recipient retrieves the payment and downloads the software. Thereafter, the recipient may make an instant payment to anyone from anywhere or receive a payment instantly and forward for depositing into their bank account.
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