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Following are some links and useful information pertaining to check fraud in today's environment.
Check Fraud
  Useful links:
  Check Fraud Statistics - National Check Fraud Center
  Check washing. What is it? - National Check Fraud Center
  Check Fraud. What is it? - National Check Fraud Center
  Check Fraud - Federal Reserve System
Digital signature and security
A digital signature is actually safer than a handwritten signature in two respects. First, digital signatures cannot be forged. Second, it is possible to make changes in the text of a document that contains a handwritten signature without anyone knowing that changes have been made. One important advantage to a digital signature is that it contains a link to the exact contents of the document, so that if even a single comma is changed, the public key will not validate the signature. In other words, any tampering with the document is revealed by the signature validation process.
  Digital Signature Tutorial - American Bar Association
  Digital Signature Guidelines - American Bar Association (MS-Word document)
  Digital Signature Legislation - National Conference of State Legislatures
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